How to reduce harmful of blue light?

How to reduce harmful of blue light?

Most of us spend the majority of our waking hours staring at digital screen, whether it's the computer at work, our personal cell phone, playing a video game, or just relaxing and watching TV. Digital eyestrain is a new term used to describe the conditions resulting from the use of today's popular electronic gadgets. Everyone needs to take precautions against the effects of blue light. Whether we work in an office or play in the sun; spend hours staring at a computer screen or texting on our cell phones, we are all being exposed to blue light.

You can choose anti-blue light screen protector (yellowish/Lt. orange) which is effective in reducing blue light that from smart phone, tablet pc, LED screens. Taiwan Ophthalmologists Ye Wei Yi (葉威毅) said: "Regarding the impact of the spectrum, colors like yellow, orange, light orange, are better to cut off blue light, and image contrast can be increased at the same time." However, the most important thing is to take 10 minutes break while staring 30 minutes on screens.

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