Anti-Glare LCD / LED TV Screen Filter

Anti-Glare LCD / LED TV Screen Filter

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Anti-Glare LCD/LED TV Screen Filter
Anti-Glare LCD/LED TV Screen Filter

Anti-Glare screen filter is able to reduce light reflects off the display.

Our screen filter is designed specifically for LCD/LED screens. Our screen covers protects the television's front panel with a solid optical-grade acrylic material. We offer Anti-Glare version in various different sizes. Anti-Glare screen filter consists of a coating cut down on the amount of light that reflects off the display. It makes viewing a display more comfortable for most people, and reduces eyestrain. With 4H high hardness and optical grade high-impact which ensure safety and not broken easily.


  • Patent design, frameless and integrally-molded that is easy to install.
  • Impact resistance: Using Optical Grade High-Impact PMMA material, 100% meet Europe RoHS environmental protection standard. Against external force and impalement to protect all aspects of the touch panel.
  • Easy to clean: The surface of filter with Special micro - nano processing can make waterproof, dirt resistant effect remarkable. By using Optical cloth can remove the fingerprint easily.
  • Excellent heat dissipation: With special thermal convection design, passed a verification testunder high temperature environment reliability test.
  • Low Reflection: The filter surface treated with nano - spray low reflection, it can remove the environment light caused by the reflection in the filter.
  • Anti-glare: Exclusive patented anti-glare technology to eliminate excessive glare LCD/LED TV, avoid dry eyes, myopia prevention.
  • High hardness: the surface hardness reach to 4H, abrasion resistance and dependable.






42" 46"



50" 55" 60"



730 910 960 1055 1080 1120 1230 1365



435 530 560 605 625 655 715 820



45 45 45 45 45 45 55 55



2.5 2.5 2.5 2.5 2.5 2.5 2.5 2.5



LCD/LED TV screen. Thickness only be 2.5mm.

Data Sheet
Item Unit Test Method Spec. Value
Thickness μm Detected by micrometer 32”~60”: 2.5mm
Transmittance (550nm) % ASTM-D1003 88%
Haze % ASTM-D1003-00 5.11%
UV Cut 325nm % U-4001 Spectrophotometer 80%
Hardness - ASTM-D3363-05 4H
Distortion Temperature   ASTM-D648-04 B 99.5°C
Impact Strength   ASTM-D256-04 1.15 kgf‧cm/cm
Flexural Strength   ASTM-D793-03 1236 kgf/cm2
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