Self-Healing & Anti-Shock Screen Protector

Self-Healing & Anti-Shock Screen Protector

Model NO.:PUS-N66U

Self-Healing & Anti-Shock Screen Protector
Self-Healing & Anti-Shock Screen Protector

It's Optical-grade TPU made protector and can be 100% suitable for any curve screen equipment. Also, with self-healing function, this film can automatically repairs the surface caused by light scratch.

In order to perfectly protect 3D curve screen, we chose optical-grade TPU instead of normal TPU or PET. With normal TPU in 3D screen, people must drill holes in each corner of film protector or to make film size smaller than real screen size. But with our PUS-N66U, we can cut the film size 100% according to screen size. Besides, in order to make good transmittance, the thickness for normal TPU made film in market is too thin to make the protector peeling off easily from screen corner.PUS-N66U can solve both of this problem and also with good trasmittance up to 96%. And, super-soft surface treatment makes protection of screen is better than the normal one. So,TUS-N66U is the best choice for the people who used 3D smartphone.


  • 100% perfectly fit with all 3D smartphone
  • High transmittance up to 96% and smudge free
  • Oleophobic coating, Glass-like surface
  • Surface scratch can recover within 1-2 seconds
  • High thickness nano-silicone layer make film protector can be used repeatedly withou any resudue
  • Anti-yellow coating treatment


Film color: Transparency
Effective thickness: 190±10%um
Transmittance: 96%
Roll material size: 1000mm x 100M


Apply on every hand-held devices (ex: smart phone, tablet PC), notebook, touch panel.

Data Sheet
Product StructureProtection Film (50um)
Self – Healing (20um)
TPU film (150um)
Si-PSA (25um)
Fluorine Liner (50um)
ItemUnitTest MethodDate
Peel Strengthgf/inchDetected by micrometer150 ± 10
Haze%By JIS K7136 NOH2000<0.35~0.6
Transmittance%By JIS K7361 NOH2000>96%
ThicknessumDetected by micrometer190 ± 10um
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Jun Ron Self-Healing & Anti-Shock Screen Protector Service Introduction

Jun Ron Technology Co., Ltd. is Taiwan Self-Healing & Anti-Shock Screen Protector supplier and manufacturer with more than 26 years experence. Since 1989, in the all kinds of screen protector and PC / TV screen filter provider, Jun Ron has been offering our customers high quality Self-Healing & Anti-Shock Screen Protector production service. With both advanced technology and 26 years experience, Jun Ron always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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