Anti-Reflective(AGLR) and Anti-Explosion Film

Using (TRS-B33A) can effectively prevent reflection and at the same time increase brightness color.

When you look at the screen, the biggest worry is refraction and light bending. This material is Anti-reflective (AGLR) and anti-explosion film and with AG anti-glare special treatment. It can reduce user the discomfort caused by glare and reflex. This is the best transparent anti-reflection screen protector on the market at present. Then surface smooth tactility, 2H hardness can effectively prevent scratches.

  • 2H hardening treatment, and anti-scrape, wear-resisting protective screen.
  • Simple attaching, touch smooth.
  • Hydro-oleophobic processing and no bright spot.
  • Environmental protection material, 100% accord with EU RoHS specifications.
  • Environmental protection non-toxic material.
  • Provide roll package.

Base color: Haze. Effective thickness: 89um ±10% light transmittance: 92% Surface hardness: 2H pencil hardness Coil size: 1250mmX200M



It is suitable for vehicle display devices (example: dashboard, sound touch panel).

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Item Unit Test Method Spec. Value
Thickness μm Detected by micrometer 89±10%
Haze % TOTAL 8.18
Haze % INTERNAL 8.15
Haze % Exterior 0.03
reflectivity % 0.76
reflectivity % Integrating sphere 1.95
reflectivity % N/25mm 1.79
reflectivity % SCE 0.94
60° Gloss (%) - 47.94
Imaging definition - - 420.1
Anti-sparkling (ppi) - 180
Scratch by #0000 (g) Scratch by #0000 Steel wool 10 cycle 300
Pencil hardness - 700g 2H
Water Contact angle (°) Water Contact angle 112