LED Anti-blue Light Filters Covers

PLB light orange color anti-blue light filters covers

Product character:
①Aesthetics: The patented frameless design is an integrated molding, easy to install, and fashionable.
②Anti-impact: Made of high impact optical grade PMMA base material, 100% RoHS compliant.
Environmentally friendly and provides full protection.
③Easy to clean: The surface of the lens is treated with a special micro-nano treatment for water, dirt, and dust resistance. And with an optical wipe, any fingerprints and oil marks can be easily removed.
④High heat dissipation: Special thermal convection design, only approved by high-temperature environment reliability test.
⑤Blocking blue light: Exclusive blocking blue light technology to reduce LED lamp excessive blue light
⑥High hardness: High hardness: the surface hardness is up to 3H, wear-resistant and scratch-proof, more comfortable to use.

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Product feature:

①clarity,comfort, without distortion, and with soft lighting.
②Soft lighting effects increase more visual comfort.
③Easy to install.
④Transparent thin film coating acrylic layer material for the blue light cut.
⑤Clarity and comfort with natural lighting.
⑥Change your working environment, and well-being by surrounding yourself with high quality, comfortable light.
Item Unit Methods Data
Anti blue light 380-450nm % Transmittance(%) 60.9%
% Transmittance(%) 99%
hardness - JIS K-5400/500g 3H
colour -   Light orange
heat deflection temperature - ASTM-D648-04 B 99.5℃
Impact resistance - ASTM-D256-04 1.15 kgf‧
Bending resistance - ASTM-D793-03 1236 kgf/cm2