9H Composite Impact Resistance Screen Protector

It is used Japan strengthend PET material, 8H hardness and excellent in scratch resistance.

8H Composite Impact Resistance Screen Protector is an absolute essential for anyone who cares about screen scratches. With a strengthened PET layer, your screen will be protected from scratches and any other damages. Certificated with SGS 8H pencil hardness test, you will feel ease that knowing your screen is protected from a shield. It is strong but flexible; moreover, safe and not broken like tempered glass protector. Surface is oleophobic coating which means it has excellent repellence of oil and water. Furthermore, it touches smoothly as an invisible guard.

  • 8H high hardness, super anti-scratch and extend usage life.
  • Flexible and Anti-Shattering for ultimate safety.
  • Oleophobic coating for anti-smudge, great touch sensibility.
  • 92% high transparency, image clear.
  • High-tech silicone adhesive, easy to install and can use repeatedly.
  • The material comply with environmental regulation.
  • Sheet type material, pre-cut film, OEM is available.
  • This product surface is quite hard, should be used laser cutting only.
  • Film color: Transparency
  • Effective thickness: 263±3%um
  • Transmittance: 92%
  • Hardness: 8H (pencil hardness)
  • Sheet material size: 620mm x 470mm

Apply on every hand-held device (ex: smartphone, tablet PC), notebook, touch panel.

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Item 8H Composite Impact Resistance Screen Protector Tempered Glass Screen Protector
Material Strengthend PET Tempered Glass
Thickness 0.25cm 0.2cm~0.4cm
Transmittance 92% Above 95%
Scratch resistance 8H 9H
Hydro-Oleophobic Yes Yes
Coverage Flat Curved edge
Safety Higher Lower
Install repeatedly Yes NO
Precision High (Laser cutting) Normal
Price Lower Higher
Item Unit Methods Data
Thickness um Measure the thickness (concluding substrate) by Mitutoyo (ID-C112EBS) 263±3% um
Surface Hardness - Based on JIS K 5400 standard test, we measure the hardness with Mitsubishi pencil (without silicone) 9H
Adhesion - Cross-Cut Test 100/100
Scratch Resistance - #0000 SW at 2000g loading for 10 Cycles Pass
Peel Strength-24H gf/25mm JIS Z0237 180 Peel 300 mm/min (glass) 10g
Peel Strength of release film gf/25mm JIS Z0237 180 Peel 300 mm/min 3.23g
Transmittance % JIS K7361 /NDH 2000 92%
Haze % JIS K7361 /NDH 2000 0.70%
Heat Resistance - 85°C 250H Pass
Humidity resistance - 60°C 90%RH 250H Pass