8H Hardness Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector

Safety and unbreakable, 8H can help come about the shock-absorbing capacity of both high hardness and flexibility.

This base material uses Japanese reinforced PET, 8H screen protector is a combination of anti-blue light and high scratch resistance for performance dual technology products. Usually, tempered glass is easy broken, 8H another benefit is increased safety and shock absorption.8H hardness can also block blue light, make you feel comfortable, eye to reduce fatigue. It has the function of drainage and oil resistance, keep the surface hydrophobic and oleophobicity. Smoothly to touch location.

  • 8H is high hardness, scratch resistant and increase of service life.
  • 92% high light transmittance and anti-blue light.
  • Japanese reinforced PET base material. Flexible, shock-absorbing collision without fragmentation
  • Film color: Transparency
  • Effective thickness: 263±2%um
  • Transmittance: 92%
  • Hardness: 8H (pencil hardness)
  • Sheet material size: 620mm x 470mm

Suitable for every handheld device (e.g., smart phone, tablet PC), laptop, touch screen.

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Product Structure

Item Unit Methods Data
Thickness - Detected by Mitutoyo(ID-C112EBS) 263um±2%
Surface Hardness - JIS K 5400 8H
Adhesion - Cross-Cut Test 100/100
Scratch Resistance - #0000 SW at 2000g loading for 10Cycles Pass
Peel Strength - JIS Z0237 180 Peel 300 mm/min(glass) 8g
Peel Strength of release - JIS Z0237 180 Peel 300 mm/min 5.17g
Transmittance - JIS K7361 92%
380~450nm Blue light cut - Transmittance (%) 38%
Haze - JIS K7361 0.70%
Heat resistance - 85°C, 250H Pass
Humidity resistance - 60°C, 90%RH, 250H Pass