Anti-Fingerprint and Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector

It is developed by Japanese and with function of anti-fingerprint, anti-blue-resistant and anti-scratch 5H film.

This screen protector is developed as a solution to avoid screen blurred caused by scratch and fingerprint. Besides, with anti-blue light treatment, it can protect eyes from blue- light injury. There is a special coating in the surface of screen, so it can prevent fingerprint and scratch resistance more. It is the best anti-fingerprint and scratch-resistant protective film in the market. If you like film which can protect your scree and also good for eye protection, ABF-N55A is the best choice.

  • Anti-fingerprint dirt.
  • Scratch resistance up to nearly 5H rating.
  • Blocking blue light up to 43 + 5%.
  • Film color: Light yellow
  • Effective thickness: 125um
  • Transmittance: 92%
  • Roll material size: 620mm x 200M

Apply on every hand-held devices (ex: smart phone, tablet PC), notebook, touch panel.

  • Data Sheet
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Product Structure Anti-Fingerprint+Anti-blue light (6um)
Substrate PET film (125um)
Adhesive (50um)
Release film (50um)
Item Unit Test Method Spec. Value
Thickness μm Detected by micrometer 181 ±10%
Transmittance % JIS K7105 92%
Blue cut % JIS K7361 43±5%
Hardnesse - JIS K-5400 /500g 5H
Adhesion - Cross-Cut adhesion test 100/100
Scratch Resistance - #0000 SW at 500g loading for 10 Cycles 10 Cycles No haze change
Solvent Resistance - Surface not damaged by Alcohol 、3% Ammonia and 3 % HCl solvent. PASS
Peel Strength gf/25mm JIS-Z-0237 < 10
Peel Strength of release film gf/25mm JIS-Z-0237 < 20
Heat resistance - 80℃ , 500 hrs No whiting、Peeling、Bubble
Humidity resistance - 60℃ 90%RH ,500 hrs No whiting、Peeling、Bubble