Clear Anti-Reflex Screen Protector

This is the latest anti-reflex AR film developed from Japanese.

This screen protector is developed to prevent eye irritation caused by reflection when using 3C products. With AR coating materials from Japan, this film make screen surface clearer and more transparent but without any reflective. So far, it is the best choice of anti-reflex and transparent protective film in current market.

  • High transparency, clear image
  • With AR coating, the color saturation is higher
  • Film color: Transparency
  • Effective thickness:150 + 5um
  • Transmittance: 92%
  • Roll material size:1040mm x 100M

Apply on every hand-held devices (ex: smart phone, tablet PC), notebook, touch panel.

  • Data Sheet
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Product Structure Cover film
Substrate PET film (100um)
Adhesive (35um)
Release film
Item Unit Test Method Spec. Value
Thickness um Mitutoyo(id-c112ebs) 135um
Surface Hardness - JIS K5400 2H
Adhesion - JIS K7105 100/100
Scratch Resistance % #0000SW at 200g loading for 10 cycles
Steel wool #0000
None Scratches
Peel Strength 24H N/25mm JIS Z0237 180 Peel 300mm/min(on glass) 2.5g
Peel Strength of release film N/25mm JIS Z0237 180 Peel 300mm/min 2.6g
Transmittance % JIS K7361 Measured with Nihon Kohden NoH2000 94%
Haze % JIS K7136 Measured with Nihon Kohden NoH2000 0.6%
Hart resistance - 80℃ , 250 hrs No whiting、Peeling、Bubble
Humidity resistance - 60℃ 90%RH ,500 hrs No whiting、Peeling、Bubble