Screen Protector Solutions Provider for OEM/ODM Service

Welcome to Jun Ron Technology

Jun Ron Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1989, our initial products are optics anti-radiation monitor screen filter and anti-reflection monitor screen filter. With the rising of LCD in the digital age, in 2004, we launched the Anti-UV / Anti-Glare LCD screen filter ahead of the industry. Our OBM "DR. BLUE LIGHT" has gained a great reputation in domestic markets.

In the next year, we launched into the production of optics screen protective film field and developed anti-reflection screen protective film. And we continue focusing on functional screen protective film and also filter research and development. Our company has been awarded the national patent certificate for the humanization design of products and professional optical technology.

As we attach great importance to innovation, professionalism and service, all of our products are made in Taiwan which is quality assurance. We sincerely welcome overseas business partners to join us and we surely believe that our product may satisfy your demand.

Found in 1989
Main Trading Area
Taiwan, China, Japan, Korea, Germany, Poland, America
Number of Employees
30 people
Main Product
Screen Protector for mobile, tablet, NB, LCD/LED Screen Protective Filter
Business Type
Manufacturer, Exporter
Company was established early in development, OEM/ODM glass coating and acrylic based coating.
Release anti-uv / anti-glare LCD screen filter.
OBM "NEWSWAN", main product TV/Computer screen filter in Taiwan market.
Launched into screen protective film field, develop anti-reflection screen protector, anti-glare screen protector. Start to OEM.
Development of high hardness anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint, low sparking anti-glare screen protector which can be used repeatedly.
Introduced into Japan anti-blue light lens technology and take a lead in developing anti-blue light screen protector.
Create OBM "eyeto" anti-blue light screen protector in Taiwan market.
Cooperate with domestic ophthalmologist team Dr. Vision, create light orange anti-blue light screen protector originated and OBM "Dr.BlueLight" in Taiwan market.
Dr. Vision's R&D team(DR.BLUE LIGHT) announces the launch of a new Rose Pink anti-blue light screen protector after a long period of research and testing.