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Junrong adheres to the three spirits of “innovative, professional, service” and was established in 1989. We have a strong R&D team and many years of optical lens processing technology. The initial products are mainly optical radiation protection and anti-reflection computer screen protection mirrors. As soon as the major channel markets were launched, they were highly recognized by consumers. Junrong research team and Japanese technical team jointly developed anti-blue-ray protection stickers (mirrors) and officially put into production in 2012. We mainly export to the Japanese and Korean markets in order to upgrade again. Enhance the effect, and in the domestic ophthalmologist Dr. Vision R & D team, together with the world's first light orange screen protector (mirror), the creation of its own brand "Dr. Blue-ray" officially met in the country. The product has won the multi-national patent and consumer gold commodity award, and this year it promotes the domestic market and serves domestic consumers.

With the advent of the digital era, 3C products are in the air, and everyone is keeping a close eye on the screen every day. Recently, ophthalmologists have called for not to use it for a long time. The visible light on the screen is composed of red, green and blue primary colors, and the long-term close-up gaze at the screen, which is easily damaged by blue light. The company's professional anti-blue-ray optical technology and experience continue to establish the leading position of the local first brand, ensuring that people can use mobile phones, computers and TV screens to be safer.