What does blue light health effect on eye health?

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Any object that emits light will produce blue light, research shows that nature (the sun); LED lighting; electronic products (cell phones, computers, tablets); outdoor neon lights; toys, etc. ....

the contemporary age, blue light is an important factor in the brightness and luminosity of the screen. LED, computer background light and other artificial light sources retain a large amount of blue light in order to ensure brighter and whiter. As you can imagine, the commonly used computer, TV, cell phone screens and various new artificial light sources such as electric lamps emit visible light containing a large amount of irregular frequency of short-wave blue light.

In the recent decades, the optometric medical profession has confirmed that blue light pollution has produced different degrees of damage to human eyes, which invariably affects people's lives. The harm of blue light is mainly manifested as follows.
1. Causes macular degeneration.
2, aggravate eye fatigue.
3. Affect sleep quality.

The coming of blue light makes people realize the importance of paying attention to eye health. We should not only change our living habits, but also pay attention to the long-term maintenance of the eyes to prevent the occurrence of eye diseases in advance.

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