Excessive Exposure to Blue Light on 3C Products Hurts Your Skin

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Medical reports have pointed out that the most common problem with 3C (Computer, Communication, and Consumer Consumer Electronics products) is eye damage, which can worsen vision. There are due to sitting posture is not caused by neck pain, and serious people may also cause tension headache, arm pain, fingertip numbness and dizziness, and other sequelae. Another big health problem for mobile phone users is aging your skin faster, a medical study has found.

In an experiment led by Southern Medical University, a professor at Chinese mainland, students showed changes in mice after just three days in a room with six computers on, the skin begins to show a little bit dry, Desquamate condition, still can observe on the skin a few red spots, the judge may be acne.

The results of the pathological experiments show that the mice have already appeared the phenomenon
Of skin aging, and some sensitive indicators show that the mice’s skin appears the condition of early aging.

Excessive exposure to blue skin on 3C products (Computer, Communication, and Consumer Consumer Electronics products).
Experts describe the skin aging problem caused by excessive use of 3C products as “Blue light skin”because smartphone and other devices emit blue light because direct exposure to blue light causes skin cells to change color, causes the long spot and other pigmentation skin’s question, causes the acceleration skin aging, the body flesh exposure time in these light source, to the skin’s harm is greater.
In addition, looking at the screen of computer or mobile phone for a long time, still can let the muscle around the eye is stiff, can become wrinkly over time. Electromagnetic waves from cell phones can damage DNA, cause skin to age.
And a study published by FACE, a London-based cosmetic development organization, suggests that frequent exposure to light and electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones can speed up the aging process.
Doctors can even infer a person’s habit of using 3C products from the skin on their face, because the skin on the side that is constantly exposed to the phone is dimmer and has more fine lines than the other side.
The study points out that electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones ages the skin by damaging DNA, causing DNA strands to break, preventing the skin from repairing itself and increasing the pressure on skin cells.

The last thing you want to do is check your phone before you go to sleep
Many people like to swipe their phones before going to bed, even when the lights in the room are turned off and they continue to swipe in the dark. Some scholars have pointed out that the strong light emitted by mobile phones can activate the body’s sympathetic nervous system and keep people in a high state of arousal, then let a person sleep quality is reduced, and sleep quality is one of the reasons for skin problems, will let the skin in sleep time can not successfully complete metabolism, to a considerable extent affect skin texture.

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