careful! Excessive use of 3C products may increase the risk of glaucoma and lead to blindness!

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  • careful! Excessive use of 3C products may increase the risk of glaucoma and lead to blindness!

Glaucoma is a progressive eye disease that can cause damage to the optic nerve and eventually vision loss. Excessive use of 3C products (computers, mobile phones, TVs, etc.) may increase eye pressure and fatigue, but this is not the main risk factor for glaucoma. However, there are certain behaviors and factors that may be associated with an increased risk of glaucoma. The following are two risk factors for glaucoma:

1. High intraocular pressure: Elevated intraocular pressure may be one of the main causes of glaucoma. The fluid inside the eye (aqueous humor) becomes blocked or lost to some extent, causing intraocular pressure to rise and damaging the optic nerve.

2. Family history: People with a family history, especially those with first-degree relatives (parents, siblings) suffering from glaucoma, have an increased risk of developing the disease. Genetic factors may make some people more susceptible to the disease.

※The age of onset of glaucoma is gradually getting younger.

Studies have shown that the age group affected by glaucoma is gradually declining, which means that young people may also suffer from this disease. Traditionally, glaucoma has been considered a disease of the elderly, but now more and more younger people are being diagnosed with glaucoma as well.

This trend may be related to modern lifestyle and environmental factors, such as prolonged use of electronic products (such as smartphones, computers), frequent stress and anxiety, life stress, etc. These factors may lead to increased intraocular pressure, thereby increasing the risk of glaucoma.

Faced with the trend of the age group suffering from glaucoma getting younger, it is a wise suggestion to use Dr. Blue Light’s latest product antibacterial protective glasses.

These special material designs can effectively block ultraviolet and blue light, reduce the chance of the eyes being affected by bad light, help reduce the burden on the eyes, and reduce the risk of glaucoma. Maintaining good vision habits and staying away from excessive use of 3C products are also important measures to protect eye health.

Technological innovation: Special materials usually adopt the latest technology and innovative design to ensure that Dr. Blu-ray protective glasses have the best protective effect. These technologies include special coatings, material combinations that minimize UV ​​and blue light penetration.

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