Rose-Pink LCD Screen Filter with Anti-Blue Light

Special anti-blue light coating treatment can properly block 43.8% harmful blue light.

And it can help protect your vision from screens. We have passed through SGS testing for the blocking rate of blue light 380nm ~ 500nm, and reaching 43.8%.

  • Good appearance and shock resistance
  • To obtain a patent for frameless design, and easy to install.
  • Simple heat dissipation: Special convection design, the only one that has passed reliability test for high temperature environment.
  • Ultraviolet-proof : Most effective blocking blue light from entering the eyes
  • To decrease and improve light sensitivity.
  • Improve photophobia.
  • Soft light can be increased visually comfortable.
  • Increases visual contrast and image clarity.
  • Reduce eyestrain
  • Properly light blocking 60.9% (380nm~450nm)
  • Contrast enhancement, Enhance soft light and Image more clear.
  • Anti-glare effect , scattering is completely eliminated.
  • Light Filtering strong.
  • More comfortable vision.

Suitable for computer screen and LCD/LED TV screen.

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Item Unit Test Method Spec. Value
Thickness μm Detected by micrometer 19”~24”: 2mm
Blue CUT (380~450nm) % Transmittance(%) 60.9%
Blue CUT (380~500nm) % Transmittance(%) 43.8%
Hardness - JIS K-5400 /500g 3H
Color -   Light rose anti
Distortion Temperature   ASTM-D648-04 B 99.5°C
Impact Strength   ASTM-D256-04 1.15 kgf‧cm/cm
Flexural Strength   ASTM-D793-03 1236 kgf/cm2