(Light Rose) Anti-Blue Light LCD Screen Protector

Product size: 42”-65”
Anti-reflective, impact-resistant, clear and non-distorted

1. Can reduce reflected light and anti-glare
2. Provide soft light effect and increase visual comfort
3. Can increase visual contrast and improve image clarity
4. Average blocking Blue light 65.7%: Effectively blocks blue light (effectively prevents blue light from entering the eyes)
5. Impact-resistant to prevent damage to the LCD panel
6. Fixed strap, safe and non-slip
7. Made in Taiwan, factory Direct operation

  • Anti-glare: Professional anti-glare technology effectively reduces glare reflected by the screen, significantly reduces glare under a variety of lighting conditions, and eliminates light interference while still maintaining clear picture quality.
  • Impact resistance: Made of high-impact and high-strength optical grade PMMA substrate, 100% compliant with EU RoHS environmental regulations. The surface hardness reaches 4H, providing all-round protection for the fragile LCD panel. It can also avoid collisions and scratches from children and pets at home, making it safer to use.
  • Blue light blocking: Special blue light blocking technology reduces excess blue light from LCD screens. Tested by SGS: It can effectively block 380~450nm long and short blue light, about 65.7%.
  • Fixed strap: also suitable for hanging on the wall, safe and not slipping.
  • High heat dissipation: special thermal convection design, the only one that has passed the reliability test in high temperature environments.
  • Fashionable appearance: The frameless patented design is integrated and easy to install, stylish and beautiful.
  • Easy to clean: The lens surface is treated with significant waterproof, stain-resistant and dust-proof effects. With a special optical lens cleaning cloth, any fingerprints, oil and stains can be easily removed.
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Item Unit Methods Data
Thickness μm Detected by micrometer": 2.5mm
Anti blue light380-450nm % Transmittance(%) 65.7%
Anti blue light380-500nm % Transmittance(%) 53%
Hardness - JIS K-5400/500g 4H
Colour - PANTONE Light rose
Heat deflection temperature - ASTM-D648-04 B 99.5°C
Impact resistance - ASTM-D256-04 1.15 kgf‧cm/cm
Bending resistance - ASTM-D793-03 1236 kgf/cm2
Haze % JIS K7105 8%


The reasons are as follows

  1. According to Japanese ophthalmology special column: worsening eyesight is 65% higher than ten years past due to staring at screens for a long time. The primary culprit of blue light emissions comes from white LED lights,which forms a weakening and progressive degeneration of vision (myopia, farsightedness)
  2. Jun Rong TV/LCD screen filter protectors, which can effectively reduce the blue light penetration, protect the fragile LCD/ TV from foreign objects puncture or impact.
  3. This product has won many patents in the world. Also, it cooperates with the Japanese optical team to see blue light.
    The special anti-blue light treatment can effectively block harmful blue light.
  4. Because of curiosity, children often touch the screen and take a pen to draw TV/LCD. How to TV/LCD Screen Safety for Children?
    If you do not wall mount and have your TV on a stand, then you need have a screen filter protector attach the TV to the wall.
  5. If students and office workers are excessive myopia and presbyopia will it come early.
    Due to COVID-19, students and office workers have started their home to work, live long hours, and have been using TV / computer, work, video, Game, etc. for a long time.
    Therefore, in addition to epidemic prevention, how to protect eyes is also an important issue that needs attention.
  6. What is the difference between using an LCD /TV screen filter protector?

    the question is often asked by Jun Rong, an additional barrier is built between the screens, which can be used as the first line of defense to prevent accidents in this situation.

    (1)• Accidental Splatters from Dropping Beverages onto the Floor – If you have ever accidently dropped a can of soda on the floor in front of your TV, you know firsthand how difficult it is get the sticky residue off of the television screen, because you cannot use harsh cleaning products. Even if you are careful, you could still leave small scratches in the display.
    (2)• Thrown Objects – Homes with small children understand their kids are going to touch the television screen as well as throw toys, blocks, and other small objects at the display from time to time. While they normally do not do this intentionally, the impact from these objects can leave scratches, indents, and small cracks in the display. The LCD TV screen protector protects the screen when teens and adults get frustrated playing video games and possibly throw the controller at the TV.
    (3)• Fingerprints, Smudges, and Dust – Your television screen is delicate. If it is repeatedly touched, the oils in our fingers leave fingerprints that are difficult to remove, and which often result in smudges in the display. In addition, over time, the oils absorb into the screen, where they will never come out without the use of harsh cleaning products. Using harsh cleaning products on the screen is never recommended, because these also can leave smudges and marks on the screen. In addition, a TV screen protector helps keep the screen dust-free.
  7. (7) Reasons Why Large TVs Need Anti-Glare Screen Protectors
    Over the past year, television manufacturers have stopped providing the anti glare matte finish to the display of some TVs to reduce manufacturing cost. As a result, the display is glossy and reflects everything. Once installed in your home, you may find one of these challenges:
    (1)Room lighting – the lamps or other lights in the room where the television was installed cause a glare on the screen. Should you move the lights, move the television, or find some other solution?
    (2)Windows – in the daylight hours sunlight can cause an annoying glare on many of the large panel TV’s. You can choose to watch television in the darkness and cover your windows, or find some way to reduce the glare.
    (3)Reflections – those shiny flat screens can cause almost a mirror reflection, which can make TV viewing more challenging.
    (4)Brightness – for some people with sensitive eyes the brightness level for the newer model HDTV’s can be irritating. Some people even consider wearing sunglasses to reduce the brightness.
Rose Pink The Best Color For More Happy & Comfortable on screen.
  • reducing photophobia and light sensitivity.
  • Soft light can improve visual comfort.
  • Increased visual contrast and improved image clarity (reduced visual fatigue)
  • block blue light can help ease eye strain properly.

Light rose color: improve contrast,enhance soft light , and more image clarity.
Anti-glare effect: eliminate scattering, strong light filter, and more comfortable vision.
  • Base material is light rose
  • UV blocking rate (300~400nm): 99%
  • Blue light blocking rate (380-450nm) 60.9%
  • Blue light blocking rate (380-500nm) 43.8%
Light gray Warm colors
  • Reduce blue light penetration
  • Effectively improves visual contrast for image clarity.
  • Reduce average 61% blue light: effective eye protection.
  • Small degree of color cast.
  • the warm colors among is the warmest color

Its soft lighting makes it visually comfortable
  • Base material is light gray
  • Light transmittance (550nm): 91.5%
  • UV blocking rate (300~400nm): 99%
Light orange more comfortable colors
  • Anti-Ultraviolet Rays: protect your eyes by blocking Effectively Filtering Harmful UV rays.
  • Reduce average 43% blue light: effective eye protection.
  • Small degree of color cast.
  • Base material is light orange
  • 透Light transmittance (550nm): 83%
  • 99% UV blocking rate (300~400nm): 99%
transparent transparent
  • Reduces blue light penetration
  • Reduce average 40% blue light: effective eye protection.
  • Free color cast and make no exaggeration.
  • Base material is transparent
  • Light transmittance (550nm): 92%
  • • UV blocking rate (300~400nm): 99%
  1. Jun Rong Co., Ltd. has a long standing reputation for screen protector in Taiwan.
  2. The most well-known ophthalmologists recommend it,Also, gain customer trust and confidence.
  3. Product testing over a long period of time and has a good reputation.
  4. With more than 20 years experience in Taiwan manufacturing quality is guaranteed.
  5. Rich colors and many choices.
  6. Government agencies use love it and have a high repurchase rate (securities offices, local courts, schools, etc.)
  7. High cooperation, stable quality and good after-sales service.
  8. The product has won the multi-national patent for Blue light resistant optical lenses and SGS inspection report.
  9. Approachable prices, the network has sales and without buying pirated copies.
  10. To provide customers OEM/ODM one step services.