How to protect your vision if I can't reduce the time of using electronic products?

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As an office worker, are you always staring at the computer screen, cell phones and laptops during work hours? You may notice that your eyes get tired, dry, or itchy.

At the same time, is there really enough light in the working environment? If there is not enough light, the blue light in the screen will affect the health of the eyes for a long time. Have you noticed you unknowingly hurt because Eyes are the window of the soul?

Blue light wavelengths are everywhere and surround us, too much blue light can cause eye problems.

Ophthalmologist Mr. Hong pointed out that blue light will penetrate the cornea and the crystal, and blue light into the macular is easy to cause macular lesions, the retina membrane in the blue light stimulation is easy to produce peroxide free radicals, and then damage the retinal cells.

Another factor is that the wavelength of blue light is shorter and easier to scatter in the air, scattered light will make it difficult to focus the eyes, you can use relevant blue light filtering products to reduce the damage to blue light to the eyes.

Some people wonder if they have to sacrifice color quality by choosing anti-blue light products.

Professor Huang of the Department of Optometry said, It is known as high energy blue light or harmful blue light, however, the majority of our exposure today comes from digital mobile devices use LED as the backlight sources, and the blue light energy is higher.

How to reduce blue light, here are a few tips to ward off the blue light’s effects. The method of resisting blue light on the lens can be divided into absorption type and coating type. In general, the absorption type is better at blocking blue light, but the color deviation cannot be ignored.
Therefore, anti-blue light products on the market, for example lenses, screen stickers, screen filter, the absorbent approach evolved from yellow to orange. Orange is preferred by most users because of its better performance in absorbing blue light spectrum and its soft light effect.

Recently, there is a light rose color anti-blue light use, and after the use of the test subjects, the degree of preference is much better than yellow and orange, because of the good degree of blue light blocking, less color bias, good soft light effect, and also has a very good performance in improving the visual contrast.

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