Anti-Glare Screen Protector with Flash Point-Free

Anti-glare screen protectors can make you feel comfortable when viewing outdoors and under light.

When looking at screens, the biggest annoyance is the refraction of light. This anti-glare screen protector with AG anti-glare special treatment can reduce the discomfort caused by glare and reflection for users.
The special treatment eliminates flicker points, making the screen look without any bright spots, presenting high-transparency image quality. The smooth surface texture and 3H hardness effectively resist scratches. By reducing reflected glare, it makes images clearer and more natural, helping to reduce eye fatigue.

  • 3H hardened treatment, scratch-resistant and durable screen protection.
  • Easy to install, excellent touch feel.
  • Anti-fingerprint. No bubbles, no bright spots.
  • Environmentally friendly materials that are 100% compliant with European RoHS standards, ensuring the product is made of safe, eco-friendly, and non-toxic materials.
  • Available in rolls, sheets, and OEM.
  • Substrate color: Matte
  • Effective thickness: 155um
  • Light transmittance: 90%
  • Surface hardness: 3H (pencil hardness)
Application Areas:

Suitable for automotive touch screen protective film.

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Item Unit Methods,SGS Data
Thickness μm Detected by micrometer 155±10%
Haze % According to the Japanese JIS K7105 testing standard. 12±2
Transmittance % According to the Japanese JIS K7105 testing standard. ≧90
Surface Hardness - According to the Japanese JIS K-5400/8.4 testing standard. 3H
Adhesion of Surface Treatment - According to the Japanese JIS K-5400/8.5 testing standard. 100/100
Scratch Resistance - Scratches with #0000 steel wool under a load of 1000g for 10 cycles. None Scratches
Solvent test - The surface will not be damaged by 3% alcohol and 3% HCl solvent. pass
Peel Strength gf/25mm According to the Japanese JIS Z-0237 testing standard. <10
Peel Strength of release film gf/25mm According to the Japanese JIS Z-0237 testing standard. <20
Heat resistance - 80°C , 500 hrs Heat resistance
Humidity resistance - 60°C 90%RH ,500 hrs PASS