Anti-Glare(AG) and Explosion-Proof Screen Protector

Using TGS-B33A will solve the problem of glares, so as to improve the optical effect of the LCD panel and prevent the damage caused by external light to the human eye.

When you look at the screen, the biggest worry is refraction and light bending. This material is no flash point anti-glare protector and with a AG anti-glare special treatment. It can reduce user the discomfort caused by glare and reflex. No flash point special processing, make the screen does not look a little brighter. And also complete presentation of transparent high-quality images on screen. Then surface smooth tactility, 3H hardness can effectively prevent scratches.

  • Reduce glare from the reflection effectively, make the image clearer.
  • 3H hardening treatment, and anti-scrape, wear-resisting protective screen.
  • Simple attaching, touch smooth.
  • Hydro-oleophobic processing and no bright spot.
  • Environmental protection material, 100% accord with EU RoHS specifications.
  • Environmental protection non-toxic material.
  • Provide roll package.

Base color: Haze. Effective thickness: 89um ±10% light transmittance: 92% Surface hardness: 3H pencil hardness Coil size :1270mmX200M



It is suitable for vehicle display devices (example: dashboard, sound touch panel).

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Item Unit Test Method Spec. Value
Thickness μm Detected by micrometer 89±10%
Haze % TOTAL 8.02
Haze % INTERNAL 3.33
Haze % Exterior 4.69
reflectivity % ≧90
reflectivity % Integrating sphere ≧90
reflectivity % N/25mm ≧90
reflectivity % SCE ≧90
60° Gloss (%) - 52.46
Imaging definition - - 116.9
Anti-sparkling (ppi) - < 80
Scratch by #0000 (g) Scratch by #0000 Steel wool 10 cycle 2000
Pencil hardness JIS K 5600 - 700g 3H
Water Contact angle (°) Water Contact angle < 52