Rose-Pink Multi-Functional Screen Protector with Anti-Glare and Blue Light

The world's first AG anti-glare and blue light coating from Dr. Vision R&D team that can effectively reduce blue light. Blue light coating can help filter some of the blue light.

Blue light blocking screen protective films use composite optical multi-layer films technology. Japan AG anti-glare coating technology can effectively reduce glare caused by backlight reflection. Also, it can reduce eye discomfort caused by glare and reflection. Anti-glare(AG) coating improves reflections, reduces eye strain, make the image more clear, soft light and natural. Because anti - fingerprint to keep your phone screen clean.Special anti- blue light processing to Reducing Blue Light Damage. Simple paste, bubble is easy to discharge, hardened treatment, feel smooth touch, shock-resistant resistance. Environmentally friendly material, 100% compliance with EU RoHS regulations, non-toxic materials, more secure in use.

  • Rose- Pink color: improve contrast, to strengthen soft light, and clearer image.
  • Anti-glare effect: Eliminate scattering, removing multiple scattering, filter and strong light, make it more comfortable.
  • Properly block: cut off 60.9% blue light (380~450nm) to reduce the blue light damage effectively.
  • Backing material: matt
  • Effective thickness: 155um ± 3
  • Transmittance: 90%
  • Roll Size: 1000mm X 200M
  • Blue light blocking rate (420-455nm) 38% ± 3

Suitable for every handheld device (e.g., smart phone, tablet PC), laptop, touch screen

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Item Unit Methods Data
Thickness um Detected by micrometer 155um ±3
Blue Light Cut (420~455nm) % Transmittance (%) 38% ± 3
Haze % JIS K7105 8 ± 2
Transmittance % JIS K7105 ≧90
Surface Hardness - According to JIS K 5400 test standard, measured with a Mitsubishi hardness pencil( silicone Free) 3H
Adhesion - JIS K-5400/8.5 100/100
Scratch Resistance - loading 10 Cycles Steel wool #1000 PASS
Solvent test - Surface not damaged by Alcohol、 3% Ammonia and 3 % HCl solvent PASS
Peel Strength gf/25mm JIS-Z-0237 < 10
Peel Strength of release film gf/25mm JIS-Z-0237 < 20
Heat resistance - 80℃ , 500 hrs PASS
Humidity resistance - 90%RH ,500 hrs PASS