Low Rainbow Pattern Screen Anti-Scratch Protective Film

The best feature of HC film is the low rainbow pattern. Wear-resistant and scratch-resistant screen.

It is a hardened PET film with high transparency. Suitable for attaching to computer screens and cell phones.Highly translucent image quality. The surface feels smooth and the 3H hardness effectively resists scratches.Make the image more clear and natural, can reduce eye fatigue. Make the screen look clear and comfortable.

  • High penetration and little effect on screen brightness.
  • High surface hardness makes the screen less vulnerable to damag.
  • Good abrasion resistance. Suitable for touch screen.
  • The silicone adhesive layer has good foaming property. It's not very bubbly. Easy to re-tear.
  • Substrate color: transparent.
  • Effective thickness:130um.
  • Transmittance:90%
  • Surface hardness:3H
  • Roll size 1250mm×200M

Suitable for all handheld devices (e.g. smartphones, tablets), laptops, touchscreens.

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Product Structure Cover film(50±5um)
Substrate PET film (100±3um)
Silicone Adhesive (30±2um)
PET Release film (50±5um)
Item Unit Methods Date
Thickness um Detected by micrometer 135um ±6 um
Haze %   < 2
Transmittance %   >90
Surface Hardness - Determined according to JIS K 5400 testing standard, measured using Mitsubishi hardness pencil (does not contain silicone free) 2H
Adhesion 100 grid test -   5B
Peel Strength gf/25mm   5 以下
Thermal shock - -20℃(30min)~80℃(30min) , 10times PASS
Humidity resistance - 60℃@ 90%RH ,240 hrs PASS
Heat resistance - 80℃ , 1000 hrs PASS
low temperature test - -20℃ , 120 hrs PASS

※Effective thickness: excluding release film and protective film Roll Size: 1250mm*200M