Clear Anti-Fingerprint Screen Protetcor

Anti-Fingerprint coating makes the fingerptint not easy to be adhered on the screen. Easy to be clean and keep the screen clean.

Anti-Fingerprint protector with special coating can help reduce the appearance of fingerprint oils on touch screen and the observer will always have a clean impression. Moreover, cleaning the surfaces becomes much easier 5H hardness, anti-scratch protection effectively resists scratches, wear, dirt and dust. It is with high transmittance, bubble-Free and easily to install.

  • Anti-Fingerprint coating reduces adhesion of fingerprints.
  • High thickness of nano-silica gel can be repeatedly pasting, no adhesive residue.
  • 92 % High transmittance, image clear.
  • 5H hardness, effectively prevent scratching.
  • High exhaust, tiny bubbles easy to be reduced and easy to install.
  • Environmental protection material, 100% meet Europe RoHS standard, Environmental friendly non-toxic material and dependable.
  • Available: roll material, pre-cut film, OEM service
  • Film color: Transparency
  • Effective thickness: 181um
  • Transmittance: 92%
  • Hardness: 5H (Pencil hardness)
  • Roll material size: 620mm x 200mm

Apply on every hand-held devices (ex: smart phone, tablet PC), notebook, touch panel.

  • Data Sheet
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Item Unit Test Method Spec. Value
Thickness μm Detected by micrometer 181±10%
Transmittance % JIS K7105 ≧92
Hardness - JIS K-5400/8.4 5H
Adhesion - JIS K-5400/8.5 100/100
Scratch Resistance - 1000g loading 10 Cycles Steel wool #0000 No Scratch
Solvent Resistance - Surface not damaged by Alcohol 3% Ammonia and 3 % HCl solvent. PASS
Peel Strength gf/25mm JIS-Z-0237 < 10
Peel Strength of release film gf/25mm JIS-Z-0237 < 20
Heat Resistance - 80°C , 500 hrs No whiting, Peeling, Bubble
Humidity Resistance - 60°C 90%RH ,500 hrs No whiting, Peeling, Bubble